Game of Three


Game of Three is an acrobatic, fast-paced, touching and slightly humoristic contemporary dance piece. The performance gathers around reflective and cynical monologues of a young woman.

“I was looking for a place from the very edge of this void we call home
I shut down that last light and found a world in me which was beautiful.

And there for me.

I felt needed. I felt light. And I was surrounded by a joyful buzz.
For a while I felt complete.
Then I grabbed everything with both hands, but nothing was mine to have anymore.

A Truth was tailing me like a worried mother. It creeped to me and shaked me awake with it´s hairy hands.
And the world was moving towards evermore and the same. I knew it because they all wanted to share their feelings, and thoughts and more.

But of course they were not able nor ready to do anything. And I felt nothing.”

(program sheet, fall 2012.)

Performers: Elina Saavalainen, Jyrki Kasper & Jarkko Mandelin
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin
Sound design: Janne Hast
Light design Viktor Anderssén
Production: Kinetic Orchestra

Duration ~50 minutes.

Recommended age 10+.