Iiro Näkki


AMPiiroIiro Näkki is a Helsinki-based choreographer, performer and teacher working in the fields of dance and circus arts since 2007. Näkki is currently finishing his MA studies and graduates in the spring of 2018 from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki’s department of choreography.

With Kinetic Orchestra dance group Näkki has worked since 2010 as a performer (i.e Wolfpack, Storms in a Water Glass, Rohkeat and All Male Panel), teacher and producer/developer. Näkki works part time within the company as producer, performer and choreographer during 2017-2019.

As a teacher Näkki has coached circus disciplines from beginners to professionals, notably in floor acrobatics and chinese pole. Besides circus coaching and contemporary dance workshops he has instructed parkour to children and the young through the Finnish Parkour Association.