I’m Liquid


The piece I’m Liquid sees its dancers transformed into flowing
water. The piece’s subtle cross-sectional changes in movement
forms create the impression of rippling, occasionally threatening,
and unpredictable water. This motion-centric piece is the
Kinetic Orchestra at its best – the finely-tuned pair work creates
situations on stage in which the viewers can feel the movement
flow into their own bodies. The martial art belts around the
dancers’ waists and forming part of their costumes allow them to
lift and carry one another, creating the illusion of zero gravity.

Performance space requirements:
12 m x 12 m x 5 m Black box
Dance floor
8 hour set up time
Sound and lighting technician


Dancers: Sanni Giordani, Anni Koskinen, Iiro Näkki and Oskari Turpeinen
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin
Sound desingn: Janne Hast
Lighting and set desing: Jukka Huitila
Costume Desing: Kirsi Gum