In A Loud Voice


In A Loud Voice is a piece that was made wrong. It’s structure is simplistic, it’s events without motive and it’s music is everything that never should have played. It is not fierce, not provocative, and it will not evoke any discussion about the state of our youth or art. But it is something I’ve always wanted to see and do. It is full of kinaesthetic information, crazy details, caring and joy of doing things together. It is a speech for self-expression of any kind and it must be a speech for baggy pant. If you have ever done things that are nonsense when looking back, you surely understand what I’m saying.

Today I seize the moment and hope, that you give me and my friends a chance to do so. Get inspired and seize a moment of your own later. Be prepared to step forth. It is certainly worth it.

(program sheet, fall 2011.)

in a loud voice promo

Performers: Elina Saavalainen, Misa Lommi, Jyrki Kasper & Jarkko Mandelin
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin
Production: Kinetic Orchestra

Duration ~50 minutes.