I´m Liquid in Performing Hel Demo slot on Saturday

Kinetic Orchestra slot 15.20.

Jarkko And Anna Rouhu will be present on friday and saturday.

Contact us jarkko (at)



I´m Liquid shows Tampere Theatre Festival 

6. and 7. August

I´m Liquid

ImLiquid_Jussi Ulkuniemi (3 of 78) Täysikokoinen

Sunday workshops begins 11.8

August, September and December Partnerin with Anni, Suvi and Jarkko

October and November Floorwork with Jarkko and Iiro

I´ll Bite Back clips

All Male Panel / StoaAll Male Panel goes Hufvudstadsbladet!

Kinetic Orchestra’s piece All Male Panel received praise in Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland’s major newspaper in Swedish. The article describes the piece as a “combination of contemporary dance with first-class acrobatics and a clear vision.” Read the article in Swedish below.

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