Rohkeat “The Brave”


Rohkeat (eng. “The Brave”) is Kinetic Orchestra’s whole family dance piece, premiered in 2015.

The work opens up to adults and children alike, not forgetting the first and without underestimating the latter. The piece includes singing, racing with miniature cars, and an awful lot of demanding movement and touching moments.

The piece presents – alongside three of the company’s professional dancers – as performers Oiva, age eight, and Urho, age six. The children have practiced dance and hand to hand acrobatics with their father, Jarkko Mandelin – since ages.

Throughout the piece a thematic of bravery is carried out and tested concretely with acrobatic movement material and subtly from the viewpoint of social challenges, intimacy, thrill and performing.


Helsingin Sanomat: “Vauhdikas tanssiteos nostaa esiin kuusivuotiaan pikkuneron”

Kujerruksia: “energisoiva ja koskettavakin kokemus”

Performers Iiro Näkki, Anni Koskinen and Urho, Oiva & Jarkko Mandelin
Choreography Jarkko Mandelin & company
Sound design Ger Van Dijk
Light design Juuso Joutsio
Costume design Jenna Mandelin
Production Mikko Heino, Kinetic Orchestra & Taideosuuskunta Apinatarha

Duration ~45 minutes.
Recommended for all ages alike.