Myrskyjä vesilasissa


Myrskyjä vesilasissa (eng. “Storms in a water glass”) is a piece with Kinetic Orchestra’s typical acrobatic elements – and this time with influences from Japanese butoh dancing. The set design consists of two hundred water glasses filled with water to the extremes, the surface tension of the water reacting to sound and movement.

Geezers -duet introduced the gents Abraham Sakuhatsi and Andy Golberber, who have since grown tired of the Western culture of constant demands for performance and are now seeking piece and balance from the one place it is always found in – from mister Sakuhatsi’s old home, Japan. To help them with their cultural turnaround they find a quite balanced gardener Shono Tanaka, whose energies mess with the geezers as never seen before.

“One of the year’s finest dance works — A staggering experience, with no fumbling whatsoever. Choreography, beauty, violence, acrobatics thought out to the very end.” – Helsingin Sanomat-journal

Helsingin Sanomat: “Myrskyjä Vesilasissa on yksi tanssivuoden hienoimmista teoksista”

Hufvudstadsbladet: “Stram men levande form”

Kujerruksia: “kaunista, hallittua ja tarkkaa”
Performers Anni Koskinen, Iiro Näkki & Jarkko Mandelin
Choreography Jarkko Mandelin
Sound design Janne Hast
Costume design Jenna Mandelin
Production Kinetic Orchestra & Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha

Duration ~45 minutes.