Wolfpacka dance piece for a group in the full meaning of the word! The thematics revolve around blurring of the personal boundaries and the issues that arise from the inhumanity and a spirit of unity in a pack.

Wolfpack is an abstract dance piece by Helsinki-based Kinetic Orchestra dance company. The piece, grounded on inner logic and communication amongst a pack of wolves, flirts with dance theatre, hand to hand acrobatics and floor work.

The piece is about the unmercifulness of physical defining, when an individual’s place is defined by characteristics of physical competence in a life packed with battle and survival. On the other hand the piece also highlights the comforting influence of community. Although the inner code of a pack comes forth as tough, the community spirit is inherent in all activity and emerges in the piece as a never fumbling trust in the other.

“The thematics of community, trust and continuous preserving of physical competence are natural anchor points to my own life as well, and maybe it is for that that I wanted to create a work of this kind.” -Jarkko Mandelin

Kinetic Orchestra dance company / Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha works with this production together with The Finnish Nature League for the cause of preserving and protecting wolves.

wolfpack promoRuutu.fi: “Ansa- koirasta tuli Wolfpack-tanssiteoksen yleisösuosikki”

Yle.fi: “Koreografi Jarkko Mandelin etsii rajoja”

Kujerruksia: “tiivis, eläimellinen”
Performers Anni Koskinen, Elina Saavalainen, Jyrki Kasper/Iiro Näkki, Jarkko Mandelin and Alaskan malamute “Ansa” LLexus Quatron Fanette
Choreography Jarkko Mandelin
Sound design Janne Hast
Light & set design Hanna Käyhkö
Production Mikko Heino, Kinetic Orchestra & Co-operative Arts Society Apinatarha

Duration ~50 minutes.